Heart Lava Rock Diffuser Necklace

Heart Lava Rock Diffuser Necklace


Love essential oils? Now you can wear them with your jewelry! Lava Bead diffuser necklaces are another great use for your essential oils. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the beads and enjoy your aromatherapy!

What are lava stones?

Lava stones are made from lava rock. They have several pores and are very lightweight which makes them perfect for use with essential oils.

How do I use my necklace?

Add a drop directly on the beads or place a drop on your hand and apply to beads. After you rub the oils into the beads, allow a few seconds for the oil to absorb.

Will the oils stain my clothes?

Using high quality essential oils that don't contain additives have little risk of staining your clothes. To be safe, make sure to let the oils absorb into the lava beads before wear and you shouldn't have any problems.

What if I don't have essential oils?

That's okay! Our jewelry can be worn without the use of essential oils.

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