Face Mask

Face Mask

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The ingredients in this All Natural face mask help to reduce pore size and regenerate new healthy skin while also drawing out and absorbing toxins that cause pesky blackheads.

Directions- Add water (or oil of your choosing) to the powder and stir to create a past- recommend using 1 Tablespoon or less. Clean your face (We recommend our foaming face wash), leaving it slightly damp, spread mask all over (avoiding contact with eyes) Keep on for 15 minutes- the mask will dry and harden. Wash face and moisturize if needed. 

Ingredients- Matcha green tea powder, Bentonite clay and Activated charcoal

*Matcha green tea powder is packed full of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory to help reduce pore size and regenerated new, healthy skin*

*Activated charcoal has properties that help draw toxins to the surface (IE those horrible blackheads!)*

*Bentonite clay- when mixed with water its electrical charge changes which helps to absorb toxins like those that were brought to the surface from the activated charcoal

The small packet of face mask should last for 3-4 masks while the large 8 ounce container should last 30-40 masks!! 

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